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Link Posting Opportunity vs. Reality


Disclaimer: I don not guarantee specific results. Results can vary.

Posting Links vs. Reality will give you a realistic view on link posting opportunity that has been popular for several years now.

It’s still popular because internet audience is huge and a lot of folks due to being unexperienced in internet marketing fall victim to scam sites that are promoting this idea.





I want to take a closer look at this so called link posting opportunity so you can see for yourself that these sites are mainly targeting folks that are desperate for money. People are led to believe that they can easily copy and paste links and make a lot of money.

People are led to believe that the amount of money they can make directly depends on the number of links they can post every day.

Of course, this is not true. If it was so easy then we all would live an easy and effortless life.


Link Posting Programs Explained

There are many programs on the internet that are promoting an effortless link posting idea and they are promoting it through many different programs/sites.

Though the advocates of this idea are different, they all use same advertising methods and strategies.

Among these programs I can mention Excel Cash Flow, Home Profit System, Home Job Institute, Internet Cash Income, Online Profit Stream, Work at Home Paycheck, etc.

All these programs/websites look so much alike that they can be easily called copy paste websites. This fact alone is enough to understand that the idea promoted by these sites is not genuine.


Link Posting Opportunity vs. Reality

It’s true that many years ago this opportunity was real and there were companies that paid folks for posting links on private blogs, social media sites, youtube etc.

This led to a ton of complaints and became known as link spamming.

The truth is that this industry is completely dead now no one pays for this type of illegitimate actions.

Though this industry is dead now there are many programs that are still promoting this idea and unfortunately, people join these sites and waste their time and money and energy.

Posting link idea is a complete waste of time. Sites promoting this idea target people that have little to no experience in internet marketing and are desperate for money.



If you are looking for a genuine program allow me to recommend one that has been around for 10 years and has a solid reputation on the internet. It’s all about affiliate marketing.

  • I personally tried this program
  • I’m still a member of this program (since 2013)
  • You can try this program for FREE!


Link Posting Programs to Avoid

  • Link posting site 1 – Home Job Institute
  • Link posting site 2 – Web Fortune Vault
  • Link posting site 3 – Work at Home EDU
  • Link posting site 4 – Home Profit System
  • Link posting site 5 – at Home Income Package
  • Link posting site 6 – Amanda Jones Online Income
  • Link posting site 7 – Online Profit Stream
  • Link posting site 8 – Internet Cash Income
  • Link posting site 9 – Excel Cash Flow
  • Link posting site 10 – Online Home Careers University
  • Link posting site 11 – Work at Home University
  • Link posting site 12 – Stay at Home Revenue
  • Link posting site 13 – Work at Home Paycheck
  • Link posting site 14 – Home Internet Cash
  • Link posting site 15 – Web Fortune Master
  • Link posting site 16 – Work at Home Authority
  • Link posting site 17 – Work at Home Institute


All these sites falsely claim that you can make easy money because companies are desperate for people like you and are ready to pay you for posting links. This is not the reality. Take a look at the warning from a trusted site.




What is Common to Link Posting Sites Mentioned Above and Why You Should Avoid Them?

  • They promote the same idea of easy money
  • They use fake testimonials
  • They don’t offer quality support
  • They use fake news sites to back up their data
  • They make unrealistic claims
  • They promise money reward for every posted link
  • They don’t offer a money back guarantee
  • Many of them claim that you can make money by posting links for Google!
  • There are a lot of complaints about link posting sites
  • They are promoting this idea as a “Link Posting Certification Course”
  • They claim that you can become a search engine agent for Google and Yahoo
  • They use same names to promote link posting idea, such as Michelle Withrow, Bobbie Robinson, Michel Robinson, Jessica Marshall, Melissa Mayer


You should avoid sites mentioned above or ANY site that promises you to make X amount of money in X number of days! I don’t promise either. Your success depends on your willing to learn and dedicate your time to your online business. Disclaimer: I don not guarantee specific results. Results can vary.


Most of These Sites are No Longer Existing

So, the main issue with all these link posting time wasters is that they want you to believe that you can get paid just for posting links here and there.

In fact, they are talking about affiliate marketing but they are promoting it using tricky advertising methods that don’t reflect true reality.


Final Verdict on Link Posting Opportunity

Question: Is it Any Real to Get Paid for Posting Links?

Answer: The way link posting sites explain it is not going to work! It’s just a waste of time.

BUT if you do it the right way using legit methods then it’s absolutely possible! It’s called affiliate marketing and there are enough programs that can show you how to make money through affiliate marketing. I’m not making any claims as to income you may earn.  Disclaimer: I don not guarantee specific results. Results can vary.


Question: When can I start making money?

Answer: My recommended program is NOT a done for you system that teaches people to make money on autopilot. This is not the reality. Money can’t be made on autopilot either in real life or on the internet. This is a big lie and misconception. But if you are willing to work and follow directions and training  you may start making money regardless of your technical skills, knowledge or experience. I’m not making any claims as to income you may earn. Any business involves a risk of losing your investment. Disclaimer: I don not guarantee specific results. Results can vary.


Affiliate Marketing Works Through 4 Simple Steps:


  1. Find a product online
  2. Write a description about your product
  3. Add your affiliate link to that product and start promoting it using legit and proven methods
  4. Earn revenue

It takes some time and effort to start seeing income but there is no other way to make money if you are serious about making money online and are looking for a legit and reputable program. Disclaimer: I don not guarantee specific results. Results can vary.